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From: A Life of Visions

Shree Shree Annada Thakur, A Life of Visions, (Calcutta: Adyapeath Dakshineswar Sangha, 1968)

Suddenly I saw as if Thakur was coming to me smiling. Thakur came and sat by the side of my head; and placing his hand on my head said, "What is this whim of yours... Will you tell me why you are so eager to see hell?" ...

Thakur tried to dissuade me in many ways. When I would not be dissuaded at all Thakur said, "Then come- let us go; let me show you hell and give you an idea of it."

Then I came out with Thakur with a cheerful heart and stood outside the room. Pointing his finger to a great distance Thakur said, "Do you see there? That high road you see there is the road to heaven; we have to approach that road."

Lost in wonder I looked at something with keen eyes. There was a wonderful feeling of joy in my heart. I asked Thakur with a joyous heart, "Thakur, how long and along which way are we to go?"

"Come on- I am leading the way" saying this Thakur began to fly with a flutter. In my attempt to follow Thakur I slowly got up into space. Ah! what a delightful journey! What a thrilling experience of supernatural aerial flight! If anybody had ever dream flown in the sky like a bird- he only would feel this joy; none else would be able to guess it. Both of us were flying so fast as to produce a hissing sound; our hands seemed to serve as wings and the legs and feet as the tail of the flying bird guiding flight. We had flown a great distance; the way seemed to have no end; both of us were covering the distance silently. After a while a soft breeze touched my body. Thakur exclaimed, "Annada, this is the breeze of heaven; this is what they mean by Moloy breeze (zephyr); heaven is not far off. Is it painful to you?"

I said with a cheerful heart, "No, Thakur. Where is the pain. It is a matter of great joy; it is the height of peace. I have no objection if you thus make me fly day after day. Ah! how sweet is the breeze of your heaven! How Pure! How soothing!"


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