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From: How I Learned Soul Travel

Terrill Wilson, How I learned Soul Travel (Minneapolis: Eckankar Publishing, 1987), pps. 61, 62

Waking early one morning, I decided to try concentrating on the blackness of my inner mind screen in the vicinity of the Spiritual Eye. I gradually slipped back into sleep, and during the early stage of sleep became partially conscious of a colored picture on the inner screen. The two-dimensional still-picture showed a young lady standing in the middle of a blacktop road in an outdoor, countryside landscape. The picture grew steadily larger as I concentrated, and I felt a slight suction in the vicinity of my Spiritual Eye. Instantly I found myself standing on the road. The young lady with her back towards me came alive, and started walking away from me. It was like zooming into a stop action movie; everything suddenly came to the life the moment I joined the world.

My first impulse was to do something, anything to keep my mind occupied, and hopefully stay out of the body as long as possible. My surroundings included a light-blue sky and rolling, grassy hills dotted with a few shrubs and trees. The blacktop road stretched in front of me in a straight line as far as I could see. Without paying any mind to the lady walking away from me, I jubilantly raised my inner body arms and jumped off the ground, to begin flying over this earth-like terrain. However, my exhilarating flight ended abruptly when I suddenly lost control and was pulled away into the blackness, moments later, ending up back inside my physical body.


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