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Focusing Attention on the Spiritual Eye on The way into Sleep
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From: How I Learned Soul Travel

Terrel Wilson, How I Learned Soul Travel (Minneapolis: Eckankar Publishing, 1987), p. 148

The author recommends persons doing this exercise wake themselves up by alarm clock or other means in the middle of the night or early in the morning. At this point, the person should splash some water on the face to bring some mental clarity. The following exercise can be practiced anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour while laying on one's back. The author had considerable success in leaving the body on the way into sleep when using this method. Note that the same exercise can be done at the beginning of a night's sleep but is more likely to result in just passing into sleep due to tiredness.

With eyes closed, take a couple of minutes to relax the whole body, then rotate the eyeballs upward, far enough to cause a slight strain on the muscles around the eyes. This points the inner vision towards the forehead; then focus it upon the black inner screen. Do not try to drift into sleep at this point, just try to keep the attention focused in this manner. Whenever the mind wanders, simply retrieve it and start over again. Listen to the faint high whistle in the top of the head, and place a secondary attention on listening to it.

Think of the high whistle as a sound current flowing upward through the physical body and out the top of the head at a certain spot about two inches just in back of the top center. Let the sound lift the inner vision upward in a relatively natural way. Gently stop focusing on the inner vision on the blackness of the inner screen; doing this any longer can prevent sleep. Instead just keep a peripheral awareness at about the location of the spiritual eye in the inside of the forehead, in order to keep the black screen close to the inner point of vision. Eventually, you will slip unsuspectingly into sleep.


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