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The Blue Light Can Be An Invitation To Do Spiritual Travel
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Contemplating inner lights can be a method of leaving the body.

Those who are familiar with meditation on the energy center usually known as the spiritual eye located between the eyebrows may be familiar with the cobalt blue light that sometimes appears in the inner field of vision. It usually appears as a amorphous blob of light slowly changing shape with blue concentric circles emanating from it slowly. The circles expand hypnotically resembling something akin to broad smoke rings expanding from a central source.

This kind of light (whether blue or another color) can serve as a focus of meditation either while sitting in disciplined meditation or while dosing off to sleep.

On occasion, the light can draw the traveler out of the body and he or she will be instantaneously flying at a fantastic rate of speed through a powerful force field following the light. It seems that the light recedes as the traveler moves towards it with its center still radiating the rings. Such experience demands a tenacity to hold on to the center of concentration since the powerful forces can be distracting. If the traveler is able to maintain concentration, the scene will tend to shift to a stable environment like a dream environment. However, unlike a dream, the traveler will be fully conscious and able to direct the experience from that point.

The point here is to illustrate the importance of meditation on these inner lights and to know that the appearance of imagery of this sort can be a form of "inner invitation" to do spiritual travel.


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