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Flying during spiritual travel and the joy it brings is mentioned more than once at this site. However this activity merits some additional comment. This is because the freedom of flight is a kind of faint echo of the more extreme states of spiritual freedom that come at later stages of the spiritual path.

The sensation of flying completely unrestricted by gravity has many ecstatic elements and shades of subtlety. On one hand, there is the creativity of sky-dancing as the traveler explores different positions while moving through the air. There is the tumbling, the rolling, the twisting, the spinning, and the diving. All of this can be done at break-neck speed. A sparrow would have a difficult time outmaneuvering the individual with some experience of spiritual flight.

Normally we might associate such movement with skydiving in the physical world but spiritual flight is different in that it is self-powered rather than depending on gravity for movement as the skydiver does. It also contains the option of soaring through an airless void where the wind which limits the skydiver's movement is not present. The effect is for the person in soul flight to experience fewer limits on his or her movements because of this lack of air resistance.

Beyond this dancing approach to soul flight, there is the powerful sensation that sometimes comes when moving rapidly across the sky, as if the soul were powered by some mysterious engine that vibrates it with great energy. It is as if the soul is a craft specifically designed to soar at fantastic speeds through the atmosphere. The experience of freedom, speed, and power differs significantly from normal body consciousness. It is another flavor of experience- yet another altered state of consciousness. There are many such different modes of being that occur in the psychic worlds during spiritual travel.


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