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Interpenetration of Physical and Spiritual Realities
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From: Contemplations

W. L. Wilmhurst, p. 142, quoted in:
The Two and the One
by Mirchea Eliade, (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962) pps. 70-71

I caught sight in the aisle at my side of what resembled bluish smoke issuing from the chinks of the stone floor. Looking more intently, I saw it was not smoke but something finer, more tenuous - a soft impalpable luminous haze of violet colour, unlike any physical vapour. Thinking I experienced some momentary optical defect or delusion, I turned my gaze further along the side of the aisle, but there too the same delicate haze was present ... I perceived the wonderful fact that it extended farther than the roof and walls of the building and was not confined by them. Through these I could look and see the landscape beyond ... I saw from all parts of my being simultaneously, not from my eyes only. Yet for all this intensified perceptive power, there was yet no loss of touch with my physical surroundings, no suspension of my facilities of sense ... I felt happiness and peace beyond words. Upon the instant, the luminous blue haze engulfing me and all around me became transformed into golden glory, into light untellable ... The golden light of which the violet light seemed now to have been a veil or outer fringe, welled forth from a central immense globe of brilliancy ... But the most wonderful thing was that these shafts and waves of light, that vast expanse of photosphere, and even the central globe itself, were crowded to solidarity with the forms of living creatures ... A single coherent organism filling all space and place, yet composed of an infinitude of individual existences ... I saw moreover that these things were present in teeming myriads in the church I stood in; that they were intermingled with and passing unobstructedly through both myself and all my fellow-worshipers ... The heavenly hosts drifted through the human congregation as wind passes through a grove of trees.