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I was lying in a light sleep on the couch in a college library and as I awoke, I spontaneously entered a state of great light. It was as if the atoms in the material world all simultaneously exploded, converting their mass to quanta or light. I was reminded of fireworks that have a primary exploding core which sends out comets which themselves explode, and the process repeated until the light was so overwhelming that all space became an ocean of light.

As the light grew even more intense, I sensed an emptiness within it. The emptiness is similar to the dark after-image a person sees after having stared at the flash when his picture is taken. The brightness was so great that the process of perception temporarily broke down, leaving a void in its place. During this experience, which lasted for only a few seconds, my sense of self was dissolved and a indescribable feeling of intense fullness and exhilaration replaced it.

The shock of being transported to this state and then back to the couch was tremendous. I jumped up from the couch as if I had been thrown into freezing water while asleep. I started to cry out but was able to catch myself before my vocal chords came into play. My breathing was fast and shallow and my heart was pounding. Around me were people sitting or lying on couches and chairs reading, taking notes, and dozing. My sudden movement had not attracted much attention. The stillness of the library lounge was so different from what I had experienced that I wanted to tell everyone around me that the apparently dull, quiet, low-energy, mostly lifeless universe in which we live has a secret blazing core that usually goes unperceived.