Travel in the Spiritual Worlds
Using the Space Between Waking and Sleep
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The experience below resulted from attempting to stay conscious on the way into sleep. If the practitioner is able to stay conscious and become aware during this transition, the kind of dynamic visualization used below can be a means of leaving the body from this intermediate state. Note that running was the method used but any activity that the practitioner is familiar with and finds easy to visualize would be appropriate.

I had been thinking about spiritual travel and reinforcing the expectation that it would happen. I was in the early stages of sleep somewhere between waking and sleeping. I became conscious that I was lying on my back but feeling very little sensory input from my body. I became aware that I might be able to leave the body from this state.

I then imagined myself running and immediately found myself outside the body running towards a bright white marble wall made of large tile-like square sections with a black sky in the background. After a few moments of running, another transition occurred. I found myself soaring high in the air towards a beautiful large city on the banks of a dark lake. The city was constructed of this same white marble in square sections. The place was built up with larger rectangular buildings towards the center and smaller ones along the edges. It had an ethereal quality due to the lighting which appeared to come from the buildings themselves or from some invisible light source. The background was was very dark as was the lake before it. The feeling of flying was exhilarating and the city was majestic.

The decisions to try running was a method of doing a "dynamic" visualization involving movement which had the desired effect of blotting out other physical sensations and precipitating spiritual travel.


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