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The Changeable Nature of Some Psychic States
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I was dreaming and suddenly woke up. The most interesting aspect of this experience was the way the objects in the mind changed form when I concentrated upon them.

In the dream, I heard music and the clarity of awareness associated with lucid dreaming appeared. I let the music carry me along. I was gliding down a hallway on my back. I enjoyed not having to walk in this dream environment, and the associated feeling of weightlessness. The music was similar to a Judy Collins folk song I had heard.

As I floated on the music, I noticed a somewhat ape-like older gentleman walking down the corridor who invited me into his office to talk. I told him I probably did not have much time, as out-of-body experiences tend to end at a moment's notice. I then told the man of my opinion of his strange appearance.

As I continued to stare at him studying his features, his face began to change into a variety of different forms. His neck seemed to disappear, and he assumed a bird-like look with a large beak-like nose. The transformations continued into different figures one after another as if I was watching a claymation movie. The final transformation was that the man shrunk down and was transformed into a series of bent wires like a set of complex wire earrings. I marveled at this last transformation and picked up a piece of the wire separating it from the rest of the tangle to examine it. I then put it back, thinking it should be an integral part of the whole. As I placed it next to the other wire, a little flash of light occurred fusing the piece I had separated with the part I had left lying there.

I then found myself without any effort back in my body.

While some environments in the inner worlds seem stable and resist efforts to change them, others are plastic and can change form dynamically in front of the travelers eyes.


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