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Meditations to be Done at or Near the Time of Death
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The experience of death is unique and much can be done to prepare for this unavoidable event. Here we present a serious of meditations and approaches related to what can be done when encountering death.

Overcoming Karma at the Time of Death
Dedication to a single thought can change the dying person's karmic destiny in the afterlife

The Luminous Ribbon of Road to the Sun
The "luminous road to the sun" meditation can be a powerful visualization that draws down the spiritual light at the time of death and provides a way to connect to it and move into the spiritual world

Practicing Meditation Repetitively Creates a Strong Memory which may be Accessible in the Bardo
The power of memory can break through the chaos and bring conscious awareness to the Bardo

Meditating on a "Circle of Grace" at the Time of Death
God's grace is like a tital flow that carries the soul into the world at birth and back to its home in the spiritual worlds at death

Acknowledging Past Loves Prior to Death
Making a conscious effort to remember one's loves in life can allow one to more effectively bid them farewell

Music to Die By
Using Harmonious Music to Ease the Transition Into the Afterlife Aides the Individual in the Process of Dying

Many Negative Experiences in the Bardo Arise from the Unconscious Mind
The negative aspects of the Bardo arise when the conscious mind dissolves

Passionate Atheism or Materialism and Its associated Pride Can Limit Opportunities for Learning in the Bardo
Rejecting both offers for help and transcendent experience can be a trap for materialists

The Heaviness of Karma Affects the Soul's Opportunities in the Bardo world
Light karma creates a kind of spiritual buoyancy

The Complexity of Karma
The processing of karma leading to rebirth

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