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I will never forget one early spiritual travel experience. I had been thinking about the possibility of doing spiritual travel and reading books on the subject. I was about twenty years old. I was visiting a friend in Brooklyn, New York lying on my back in meditation staring into the blackness at the space between my eyebrows. A couch in his basement playroom was my bed for the evening. The room was completely dark.

Suddenly, I was standing up vibrating in the blackness. I did not get up but was instantaneously standing and found myself in a "non-ordinary" state of heightened awareness. I wanted to see where I was to verify that I was out of my body. At that point I half walked, half swam (space seemed to be a fluid medium) to the edge of the room to try and get a glimpse outside through the patio door. When I arrived at the door I could feel the glass hard and cold upon my hands but could see almost nothing in the darkness.

I pressed hard on the glass and to my amazement, my hands followed by the rest of my body passed right through it. I experienced a painful scraping feeling along each part of my body as it passed through the door. The strange experience of passing through this dense matter disoriented me and as I looked around, I was in a totally different environment. It was a pastoral scene of a field of golden grain but the light was somehow not like the light in a physical environment. Something about it was too intense and too bright as if the objects shown with their own internal light rather than merely reflecting the light of the sun. There were two horses peacefully grazing in the field perhaps fifty yards away.

After about ten seconds gazing at the scene, I was almost instantaneously back in my body lying on my back reflecting on the experience.


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