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I dreamed that I was walking around my basement and there was a party going on. As the party was ending, I decided to help clean up and started picking up things off the floor.

No sooner had I begun, than I started both hearing and feeling flute music coming from within my body. I immediately realized I was out of the body. The music was a kind of harmonious jazz flowing without repetition. It increased in volume until I felt like a flute being played by some mysterious musician. It had a sweet feeling of joy, airy with some accompanying light issuing from the body as if a by-product of the sound. The sound resonated my entire being overwhelming the sense of a limited self.

Using a Jungian interpretation, my childhood basement was a symbol of the collective unconscious which sometimes contains objects and events from cultures outside the individual's personal experience. The party was everyday experience which many times leaves trash and disorder in its wake. The act of cleaning it up was symbolic of purification which led to a mystical breakthrough, and the peak experience that followed.

After the experience, I thought of the Persian poet Rumi, who was like the reed of God. When the wind of God blew, Rumi the reed vibrated creating a hollow flute-like sound. God was the actor and Rumi was simply the instrument through which God expressed himself. "The reed" is also the name of one of Rumi's most famous mystical poems.


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