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A Method of Preventing the Loss of Lucidity in a Lucid Dream
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A common problem when doing spiritual travel from within a lucid dream is losing lucidity. It is difficult to stay in a lucid dream after waking up as there is a tendency to lose focus on the dream body and environment. The imagery in the dream may begin to become unstable and fade causing the dreamer to awaken. One common method to prevent waking up is to recite the mental command "increase lucidity" repeatedly.

Recently, I was in a lucid dream and fell backward with the intention of floating. My body stopped falling a few inches above the ground and hovered. I find this floating exercise a useful one because being light (i.e., weightless) also can be intuitively associated with being light (a form of radiation). This exercise can thus become a useful method of simultaneously taking control of and spiritualizing the lucid dream.

After a short time, the lucid dream began to fade and I concentrated on my legs which were out in front of me as I floated. As I repeated the command "increase lucidity", I began kicking my legs as if swimming using a frog kick to increase my identification with the dream body. I saw my legs begin to grow transparent and their moving shapes began to look like white silhouetted outlines as I continued to kick and utter the command. After a few seconds, the color returned to the dream and the objects (both my legs and the environment) became full and three-dimensional again, and I was back in the lucid dream as before. The combination of the movement and the command had been used to restore lucidity.


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