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From: Far Journeys

Robert Monroe, Far Journeys (Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1987), pps. 178-179

Here, Robert Monroe writes about his experience of "extreme love" using some unusual terminology ("closed", "precept", "INSPEC") which he developed in an effort to describe his spiritual travel experiences. His guide's comments are in italics.

Even closed tightly, the radiation was so strong that it was nearly unbearable . . . I felt as if sweat were pouring off me, I was melting . . . but it wasn't heat . . . and I began to heave with great racking sobs and I couldn't understand why . . . then the radiation eased, and I opened a little. There was a form between me and the radiation, shielding me, and I could perceive a corona effect all around the form from the radiation beyond. It reminded me deeply of religious paintings I had seen, only this one was live and in something far different from pigmented color . . . (this is as close as you can tolerate. We are diverting most of the effective energy patterns, which are in themselves only the random residue, the leakage as you might call it, from the fundamental. Focus through us rather than the outer rim. It will help.)

With great difficulty, I narrowed and held on to the center of the form . . . and I began to cool and calm down . . . it was as if I perceived through a darkly tinted window and I had to work continually to keep the emotion below the threshold level, the wondrous and brilliant joy, awe, and reverence, melded into one yet with flashes of each sparkling momentarily . . . all coursing through me as I responded to the radiation, unable to prevent it and barely keeping it under control. This would most emphatically be the ultimate heaven, the final home . . .

(Observe more carefully. You are capable of doing so.)

I looked through the smoked glass shield that was my INSPEC (intelligent species) friend . . . and I was grateful, for I knew if I responded to this degree from just the reflection, the leakage, the full force of the radiation would have shattered me, I was not ready for it, if this was a precept [perception] from the distant edge . . . [I saw that] there in the long view was a radiant form of incredible size, my first precept was that of a tall standing humanoid, arms out-stretched, palms up . . . but just as quickly, it was not . . . [it was instead] a shining globe, edges indistinct, behind it another, identical in appearance, behind it another, a continual cascade moving away into infinity, beyond my percept ability, . . . from each came numberless beams or rays, some huge in diameter, others no wider than a pinpoint, all uniform in size throughout their length and beyond my precept as to their destination, some of them moving past me so close that I felt I could reach out and touch them . . .

(Would you like to do so? We could help if needed.)

I hesitated, then with the warm assurance from the shielding INSPEC form, I stretched a part of me out, cautiously, and touched the smallest ray nearest me . . . in an instant, the shock spread throughout all that I thought I was, and I knew, and in knowing knew that I would forget if I tried to remember because what I was could not handle the reality of it . . . yet I never again would be the same even without remembering, except that it occurred, and the indescribable joy of knowing that it did take place and the echoes would reverberate in me throughout eternity, whatever my eternity was . . . gently I felt myself being detached from the ray, and I collapsed behind the shield of my INSPEC friend . . . Friend? INSPEC? I realized how provincial my precepts were. I also realized how limited they were . . .


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