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I was asleep a few years ago when an extraordinary event occurred. I do not remember being in a dream and do not recall any transition out of an earlier state but I was suddenly out of my body. I found myself in a world composed entirely of orchestral music with large numbers of strings and woodwinds filling the space. I had no visual sensations at all sensing only darkness if I attempted to view the environment. The unusual thing was that I had not the slightest interest in the visual element because I was taken up by the music that so completely filled me. I was soaring as the both the atmosphere and myself were permeated with this mysterious symphonic music. There was no body, and no mind or thoughts. The fullness and richness of the sound had a strong component of ecstasy or bliss which made the quality of the experience difficult to relate since listening to similar music in the physical world does not have near the same effect.

This was truly a heavenly world. The experience went against everything I had been led to believe as a child about the kind of limitations that we expect we have as embodied beings. I concluded we have access to a much broader range of experience while alive than many of our religious leaders assume.

The experience also confirmed to me the accounts of some of the great composers like Mozart, who claimed he "heard" his symphonies inwardly and simply wrote then down without having to actually "compose" them. Had I a composer's training, I believe I could have transcribed the melody into sheet music.


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