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From: Whose Hands Are These?

Gene Egidio, Whose Hands Are These?, (New York: Warner Books, 1997), pps. 24-27

A 12-year old attending summer camp in New York becomes sick and is brought to a hospital for surgery. After being given anesthesia, he recounts his near-death experience.
I slipped into a state of nothingness.

Moments passed and I was floating up to the ceiling. I looked down and saw people hovering over my body working together frantically. Their movements were very slow as if working under water.

Hey, why are you down there when I am up here on the ceiling?.
No one answered. It slowly sank in that they couldn't hear me.

I began floating out of the room. The lights gradually dimmed until there was total darkness around me, and then I saw a pinpoint of light directly in front of me and felt my body being pulled toward it. With a swish, I was instantly transported to another place eons away from where I had been just a moment before. This place was outside of time; there was only the present and it was a steady unvarying forever. The vibration of my soul after it left my body had swiftly accelerated and transported me in a flash to this place, guided by the beam of light.

When I emerged from the transportation, there was nothing but brilliant luminous light. The light didn't seem to have a point of origin. It came from everywhere, everything, and everyone. The radiance of it was so overwhelming, yet its sparkling brilliance did not hurt my eyes, for I felt myself to being absorbed into the light. Every cell in my being was filled up with light. I was becoming the light, and along with this transformation, came a feeling of total unconditional love for all living creatures. I suddenly understood everything. I had absolute knowledge. This enlightenment gave me a feeling of total wellbeing. I felt complete and whole and knew everything was the way it should be. A calm serenity filled my being. I felt comfortable here, because I knew I belonged - this was where I had originated.

The people around me were walking through beautiful grass, but not the kind of grass we know on earth. It was more of a thick carpet that one could sink into, and it felt soft yet springy. As I went further into the light, I became aware of luminous beings floating around me. I knew I was walking, yet there was no sensation of movement. I didn't know where I was, as there was no reference point but that did not matter.

When my soul left my body it was instantly put on "automatic pilot" and knew exactly where it was going. Some of the energy in this dimension revealed itself to me as physical forms in the shape of human beings, so my human consciousness could relate to it. I was in sync with the energy these beings were giving and it felt good to be in the midst of it. They motioned to me and I gladly followed. They were communicating with me yet nothing was spoken. I was aware that I understood all they were revealing to me and a sense of warm well-being and peaceful happiness settled over me.

I knew I was one with this energy and all its many manifestations. As these light entities continued to soundlessly communicate with me, I began to hear sounds inside my head that surely were the most beautiful sounds ever created, and these sounds were spoken in a voice that everyone could understand. A feeling of awe and wonderment permeated my being. To be in an environment of total love and compassion, even for an instant, gave me a feeling of sheer ecstasy which I can only feebly attempt to describe.

It makes one feel like laughing and crying at the same time, and the feelings are very intense because this energy is vibrating at a velocity well beyond the speed of light. This feeling of wellbeing was all consuming and I have never since experienced such an overall sense of completion. It was a thousand fold more fulfilling than the most exhilarating experiences that we may know while we are in our bodies. When this light energy entered, I had the feeling that my body had totally dissolved in the light and had merged with all that is. I entered into a state of total bliss. Peace, contentment, and exquisite well-being were the only emotions I felt. As I followed the beings in the direction of the ever-increasing brilliant light, I knew that I was all of them, yet I'd never seen any of them before.

My stay in this place of total unconditional love and absolute knowledge was short-lived however, for I had not yet completed my journey on this planet.

Suddenly I had the sensation of something grabbing me by the seat of the pants and pulling me backward, away from the beautiful light and through the darkness.

I didn't want to leave. I fought to stay, but within seconds I was returned to the operating room and was on the ceiling again. It felt as if the hose of a vacuum cleaner had attached itself to my soul and I was literally being sucked back into my body. I instantly felt the sensation of heaviness, of being burdened with a body again.

I heard someone say, "We got him back". Hours later I awoke with a feeling of dull pain ...


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