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From: A Talk on Her Near-Death Experience
By Renee Paraslow

Baha'i Educational Foundation Video Tape
Reno, Nevada 1989

This is the partial text of a very deep near-death experience which happened to Renee Paraslow as a teenager. She had the experience after she became unconscious following an allergic reaction to some food she ate. Here she has just come out of "the tunnel" and into contact with the spirit of her dead uncle with whom she communicates. Following this, she enters into the Sacred Light. The entire text of this experience can be found in the Near-Death Experience section of this site.

As I came to the end of this place, I wondered if I would be alone, and just like that I was with, I was one with my uncle just like we were two lights that were put together one red and one blue that made purple light, and I was aware of things about him that I had never been aware of in life. I didn't spend much time with him and I didn't know him well. He lived in the south and I lived in California

But it was a very joyful reunion and I became aware that he was concerned that I was there because he communicated to me instantaneously that my mother could not stand the loss of a child, and he was confused, and yet he knew that everything was as it should be.

From that point I became very attracted to the light and this attraction was like an irresistible magnet... I loved that light, and the love was what was pulling me home. I moved past my uncle into what I can best define as a sea of light. It was as if every atom in the universe had been electrified with color and light and sound, but more than that with totally unconditional love. And it was a welcoming to me, and I dove into this ocean with each moment, with each movement, feeling more rapture and more joy and more just absolutely unspeakable love.

As I moved through this sea, I became aware I was moving to the center of the sea of light which I perceived to be, how could I say this, as if you were a gnat and you were flying into the sun, and that is the perspective that I had for this sea of light.

And then in an instant, again like a clap [of the hands], I entered into this light and I became one with this light, and of this light, and no longer an individual, no longer a person, but simply a part of this light. I became like the phoenix. I was destroyed, and it was the most blissful, the most excruciatingly beautiful moment that I could imagine. It seemed to me to be the apex of all existence to get to the point where one was no more. One simply was a part of this light.

After being in this state for what seemed to be a time beyond time, I was gathered again together like sands from the shore as an individual and I was called to recount for my deeds.


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