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From: The Tiger's Fang

Paul Twitchell, The Tiger's Fang (Menlo Park: The Illuminated Way Press, 1978), pps. 65-66

We traveled for a time in this dark world where only the faint sound of mystical bagpipes could be heard. Finally, we came out of the gloom into the light of a wondrous land where golden palaces were set in open fields of silvery light. The landscape was beyond human description and the beauty of the travelers living there were incomprehensible, the brilliancy of each equal to the light of many suns.

In the distance was a gigantic reservoir like those on the earth plane from which flows the most delicious nectar, out through canals to supply the distant regions.

This world, Sat Lok ... is rich, prosperous, comfortable, fertile, delightful and crowded with godly Souls. The countryside emitted many fragrant odors and was rich in great variety of flowers, trees and fruits, especially jewel trees which were frequented by flocks of various birds with sweet voices which Sat Nam's power has created for his world.

This world has various colors, many colors, many hundreds of thousands of colors. They are variously composed of the seven precious things in varying combinations of gold, silver, beryl, crystal, coral, red pearls and emeralds. Such jewel trees and banana trees and rows of palm trees are all made of precious things and grow everywhere in this region. On all sides it is covered by strange golden nets and these nets are covered with lotus flowers made of precious things.

Some of the lotus flowers are huge in proportion, a half a mile in circumference, and others up to ten miles. From each lotus issues many rays of light, and at the end of each ray there is a saint whose golden-colored body bears the great mark of a spiritual traveler, and who in all directions and in countless world systems, demonstrates the love of God for man.

Rivers flow through this gigantic world. There are rivers there from a mile in width to hundreds of miles wide, and the same in depth. All flowing calmly with fragrant waters, and resounding with the delightful music of bagpipes, and once you have drunk of their waters, never again do you have the desire for the worlds below, but clamor with anxiety to reach the higher worlds. You can bathe in their waters and be refreshed with heavenly bliss, furthermore you can make the waters at the temperature you desire.


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