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Dealing with Traumatic Memories
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Traumatic experience can limit the ability of the soul to travel spiritually. Traumas can also cause untold misery as memories from the past haunt the person like ghosts repeatedly reminding the person of past pain.

Repeating traumatic memories knock on the door of awareness and say, "Resolve me", "Pay attention to me." The emotional knot associated with the trauma needs to be untied.

The more traumas, the more the soul dies. Traumas draw the soul into a realm of darkness. Even the veils of ignorance covering these traumas are like diseases of the soul. Admitting their existence is the first stage of healing.

But it must be followed by untangling the knots and finding the arrowheads of hatred, anger, and disgust that are lodged in the soul. The soul defends itself from further damage by fear. It refuses to confront the problem. This can avoid even further attacks, but the inflammation from the initial attacks is still there. As it festers, it becomes like a whirlpool drawing emotion into ever widening circles of pain.

The arrowheads must be pulled out of the soul. The poison from each past event or set of events must be faced and acknowledged. The person must be able to understand and explain the attacks by identifying each attacker, and understanding his or her motivations. Blame should be redistributed, and underlying guilt or innocence affirmed.

A good way to review traumatic experience is writing it down in a journal so the above elements are clearly described and expressed in a literary form.

When abuse has gone on for years, layer after layer of hatred and anger must be removed. The underlying inflammation for each layer must be cleansed. It can be a long process, especially if the experiences of past lives are involved.

Traumas knot ideas and desires, making mats of confusion and fear. As with matted hair, the knots must be found and undone. One cannot brush one's hair with knots in it, and it is difficult to be free to travel spiritually with unresolved traumas.


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