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From: Life After Life

by Raymond Moody, Jr. M.D., 1975

I turned over and as I did I quit breathing and my heart stopped beating. I heard the nurses shout "code pink, code pink". As they were saying this, I could feel myself moving out of the body sliding down between the mattress and THROUGH the rail on the side of the bed. I started to rise slowly. I saw the nurses running into the room. I felt as though I was a piece of paper floating up to the ceiling. I watched them reviving me from up there. I heard the nurse say "Oh my God, she's gone", while another leaned down to give me resuscitation. I was looking at the back of her head as she did this. I'll never forget the way her hair looked, it was cut kind of short. Just then, I saw them roll this machine in there and they put the shocks on my chest. When they did, I saw my whole body just jump right off the bed, and I heard every bone in my body crack and pop. I thought "why are you going to such trouble, I'm just fine now."


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