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Shabda as the sound of a Speeding Train
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One manifestation Shabda is compared with the sound of a speeding train. Based on my limited experience with this state of being, comparing this state of consciousness with the sound of a train is appropriate in more ways than one.

As with other types of Shabda, the experience consists not only of sound but also has a strong kinesthetic component. One not only hears the sound but it is as if one were standing on the platform as a mighty locomotive passes. The platform shakes and trembles as the train roars past. The sound together with its trembling manifestations permeates the body and the world. Like other forms of Shabda, it blots out and overpowers the body image and draws the individual into a wholly other space.

It is not a state of bliss but one of pressure and power with an underlying feeling of purification. It is as if the self were being burnished or sand blasted undergoing purification perhaps in preparation for high states of being.


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