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An unforgettable experience occurred when I heard the flute sound as spiritual music one night while traveling out of my body. The form of the flute sound I experienced was a slow drawn-out version of the first four notes of the old 1960's "Star Trek" theme from the television show. The notes came in the form of a rich and resonate flute which seemed to fill all space. The sense of freedom and joy that this music brought with it were indescribable. The limited self was completely gone replaced by the spiritual music that permeated the vast sky of that world.

This experience of sound was partly symbolic since the words that follow these introductory notes in the television show are "Space, the final frontier ...". However, the "space" being referred to in my case was not physical space but the inner space of the spiritual worlds which is according to the philosophy of spiritual travel truly "the final frontier" of human exploration. Exploring physical frontiers has its own element of fascination. Physical frontiers are, however, pale reflections of the spiritual frontiers within the deeper self which are accessible via spiritual travel.


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