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From: Dialogues With the Master

Paul Twitchell, Dialogues With the Master, (MenloPark: The Illuminated Way Press, pps. 191-193)

Rebazar Tarzs took my hand and gradually lifted me. Then within the brief pause of the moment he bade me to look around. The shock of fear was too great to tell you. But the deep waves rolled away from this strange body of light which I was wearing. It really wasn't a light but a strange robe of dazzling white, like a cloak. Even my feet were clad in it. Rebazar Tarzs was clad in a similar cloak, like a great white shining aura.

A million - two million and possibly a billion similar lights were moving in a brilliantly lighted void, so completely blinding I could hardly look at it. I was standing on the edge of mighty precipice ready to lead to a bottomless world. I clutched at the Master, but he smiled and waved his hand.

You are in the nameless world. The light you see is the light of God so vastly brilliant in all its glory that human eyes could not look upon it. You are now the perfect atom, for this is the Ocean of love and mercy, the true home of the SUGMAD where all souls return in time.

Everywhere you look, see the great rain of transparent drops, not true rain as you know it but the rain of the perfect atom, the rain of Souls upon the mighty ocean of ECK [spirit] brilliant majestic and awe inspiring in the sight of God. No man looks upon the face of God and remains the same. Thereafter, he is soul, complete Soul of God for he has seen and heard. Look ye yonder and see.

I saw a river, a great white river that seemed to flow out of the heavens and moving, ever widening like a gigantic avalanche, covering all space, and then disappearing or evaporating into the millennium of brilliant lights or atoms.

"The river of God," he explained. "A river which pervades all the universes, for it is the great spiritual current flowing out of the throne of God, Listen!"

The terrifying flowing light had a singing, a musical sound, strangely penetrating - forever moving and singing. It was the word of the spiritual Current. And then a strange cloud hovering over the flowing light seemed to dissolve and a face which filled all space seemed to hang with eyes gazing upon all. Yet seeing nothing. And then suddenly I was caught up in a white sheet of flowing light and singing sound, moving toward that terrifying face. Yet with the ECK Master at my side. "Beyond the face of God is God. Look behind the mask of God and see God. If this is terrifying and awe-inspiring then you must gird up your loins for the great sight. For you must go on and on into the very heart of God. Look and see, from whence comes the river of Light and Sound!" I could not look for the sight was too great. Millions upon millions colors exploded in the great forehead of that gigantic face before us. But then they seemed to dim, and I saw a tiny circle, the round eye within the forehead of the Deity and from out of that passed a continual stream of light - the great spiritual Current flowing to all the worlds upon worlds. A gigantic spirit sun that manufactured its own spiritual atoms and electrons poring them into that continuous stream of light.

"I will take you into the sun of light - into the truth of truths," he said. "We go by becoming one with this current upon which we now ride."

Then suddenly there was nothing of ourselves except the consciousness of joy, light and bliss. No light-body, nothing except the craving of a drowning man for air, and a feeling of great movement toward the gigantic spiritual eye, and then within the moment of feathery floating we seemed to shoot into another world - a world of extreme light inside a vast arching electrical ring from which the light itself poured out of a Niagara of indescribable sound.


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