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From: The Tiger's Fang

Paul Twitchell, The Tiger's Fang (Menlo Park: The Illuminated Way Press, 1978), pps. 3-4

Almost as quickly as my eyes were closed I awoke in the Atma Sarup or soul body to find myself walking along a beach where the wild surf lashed the shore and a wind whipped the pines along the edge of the strand.

There were pale, white clouds in an azure sky. Something about the landscape was ethereal and my pulse quickened with the thought that this was an out-of-the-body projection via the dream technique. The color, the invigorating air and the beauty were beyond words. It seemed as if there was God in everything.

I felt no fear at this sudden transportation but curiosity, tugging at my mind, asked the question of where was I? Somewhere in the back of my mind it seems that this was not a strange place at all... that sometime, in the afterwards, in the earlier travelers with Rebazar Tarzs, I had gone through this section of landscape. But a peaceful feeling settled over me and all was accepted for what it was.

The sea of crystal blue and the lacy surf was like a million sparkling diamonds that dashed up against the sand beach and ran off into the sea again.

The distance was majestic with foaming whitecaps. Yet there was a silence, a strange wonderful silence so deep reaching that it stirred through me. Looking down at my body a feeling of joy went through me. I was wearing a white robe of light which flowed around me in a circular motion in a gentle swirling current. There were no feet, no hands, nothing but a ball of swirling light. My vision was below where my feet should have been and it was also in the back of my head. It was anywhere I directed my attention... all simultaneously. When I spoke, there was a multitude of sounds issuing from me.

A brilliant sphere appeared on the horizon and as it came closer and grew larger it revealed itself as a small sailing vessel, at the tiller was [my spiritual guide] Rebazar Tarzs.


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