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I was once in a dream state lying down on my back and witnessed a bodily transformation. My body changed from its normal form to a shining cross. Immediately, I realized I was out of my body and found myself in a non-ordinary state of heightened awareness. The cross was similar to two crossed bright white fluorescent bulbs and like my body was positioned parallel to the ground. The feeling was one of great energy and vitality. The cross which was now my body vibrated with a fine, radiant energy. As soon as the transformation occurred, the cross left the ground and began moving slowly through the darkness. Becoming a being of light made me weightless and I literally floated upward moving slowly hovering above the ground.

I vividly saw and felt myself to be this shining cross during the experience.

This is a case where my new body image during spiritual travel in no way resembled my normal body image. My sense of body consciousness was completely changed.


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