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Altering a Lucid Dream by Flying
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Flying and the feeling of defying gravity is one of the joys of spiritual travel. One of the ways of breaking out of a limited state (especially a lucid dream) during spiritual travel is to experiment with the freedom of flying.
I suddenly woke up in a dream and was determined to change my state of mind and take advantage of the possibilities. I started running and as I ran, I began taking larger and larger steps. Soon I was leaping ten or twenty feet per step until finally I was airborne and no longer contacting the ground. I was amazed to see golden fields, sections of trees and rural landscape with great clarity while moving at exhilarating speed with the air whistling past me. At a certain point, I was skimming the treetops feeling the top branches just touching me as I flew past. I was flying over woods and fields brightly lit with golden light.

I had chosen a creative method of leaving the ground and had gained a level of freedom that would probably not have occurred had I stayed in the initial lucid dream environment.

Another easier way to initiate flying is to find a high spot such as a cliff or the roof of a building and simply jump off it. This works surprisingly well but it requires the traveler to have overcome the fear of being hurt in the inner worlds. It takes some time to be comfortable and secure enough to initiate flying in this way.


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