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Light is one of the most powerful and universal spiritual symbols. Meditations on light are therefore part of many religious traditions. This kind of meditation will not relate specifically to spiritual travel experience but meditation on light has the effect of loosening the ties that bind the soul to the body. It is therefore good preparation for spiritual travel.

The first visualization involves visiting a lighthouse. Visualize yourself standing at the base of an east coast lighthouse in the shape of a tall cylinder as can be seen in pictures taken in the coastal areas of Virginia and the Carolinas. Walk up the steps onto a concrete base and enter through a door at the bottom of the structure.

Once inside, visualize a set of spiral stairs leading to the top of the lighthouse. In the dim light, you grasp the railing and begin climbing. As you slowly move upward, step by step, you spiral around counting perhaps a hundred steps to the top. As you approach the top, you begin to see flashes of light which grow brighter, They are coming from the bulb through a huge lens which directs the beam out over the ocean to warn ships of danger.

The reflective unit that emits the light at the top of the lighthouse revolves once every second or two emitting a blazing ray as it faces you for a brief moment. You stand watching the light revolve being blinded as the light briefly shines upon you and then continues its revolution.

The idea is that you briefly experience a very bright light perhaps like a flash bulb but lasting perhaps a half second which fills your being, and then recedes only to come around again a few seconds later. You visualize being filled with spiritual light periodically for about ten minutes. One can prepare for this visualization exercise by glancing at the sun for a half a second a few times with the goal of remembering what a very bright light looks like. Then it will be easier to visualize the lighthouse's light during the meditation.

You can change the speed of the light's revolution, the period the light faces you directly, and the color of the light from white to golden to cobalt blue. Other options involve shining the light towards a part of the body such as the heart, the head, or another part of the body that requires healing.

The lighthouse meditation can also be a meditation on compassion. In this case a mirrored heart is visualized in the chest which absorbs and reflects the beam while creating a strong feeling of love and compassion. This feeling radiates from the heart along with the reflected light.

To end the meditation, you slowly walk down the stairs to the base of the lighthouse and exit through the door. The meditation ends here.


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