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From: In the Company of ECK Masters

Phil Morimitsu, In the Company of ECK Masters (Minneapolis: Eckankar, 1988), pps. 62-63

"OK. Imagine something so vast, that it keeps expanding before you, yet you keep expanding with it. It's just out of your reach, but you keep expanding, ever outward in a sphere. You're expanding at the speed of thought, in all directions at once. Now you exceed even the speed of thought - faster! You've caught up with the expansion."

His words echoed in my being. I had caught up. But the movement stopped. The only way I could describe it, was that the whole inner universe had a bigness to it, and there was a gigantic rocking and shaking going on. But it wasn't just me that was shaking, all of the inner universes were shaking until, when it all stopped, there was nothing . . . but wait - there was something different. I was the atmosphere, if you could call it that. There was the faint sound of the ECK [spirit], a pure but piercing single, high-pitched sound. It wove in and out, but this was different from the ECK sounds I had heard on other planes. I was this sound! At first it was almost painful - the pure piercing of It - but as I grew accustomed to It and stopped resisting It, It became soothing. My normal sight was gone. Instead I saw things by knowingness. I knew that there was a great white sheet of Light that was extending upwards at a forty-five degree angle into infinity. The Light was so pure and bright, It would have blinded all the physical universes, had it been revealed there. But I didn't see this sheet of Light - I was it.

Wah Z's [the guide's] voice came to me as if it were my own. "The pure worlds of Spirit!" he said, laughing. This is you. This is your true self and destiny. Never accept anything less, for to do so is to cheat yourself!"


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