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The Seraphim Who Create Beauty and Order in the Paradise of God

We are the songs of the true God,
The Lord almighty, ruler of heaven and earth.
When He opens his mouth does the world come into being,
For his is the Word that creates the universe.

As the words arise from the Great Unknown,
a white sun rises in the infinite sky.
This is the paradise of the All-Merciful, within which is his throne.
All things here have eternal life,
as do the songs and the light.
The throne is in the midst of concentric wheels,
which are golden in color.
These are the ripples of his voice in space
As a pebble throne into the water creates concentric rings.

We of the Seraphim are guardians of the throne.
We see in all directions, and have access to all knowledge.
Our wings hide the light of the Divine from the unworthy
Yet spread a carpet of beauty and softness,
for the virtuous to tread.

We worship the Almighty with chants and songs, which create pathways
so that the divine will may flow down them,
and more easily create,
the infinite number of beings which are one in his depths.
We provide veils and robes for the place of God,
So that his home may be more beautiful,
Adorned with the tokens of love.

We are virgins in waiting for divine bliss,
the maidens who seek after grace.
We are the soldiers who order and protect
the flowing rivers of light.
Flowers of beauty do we throw,
which create the stairways
by which man may transcend, to face the throne of God.

He will praise the Almighty, and pray to do the will of God.
And the entrance of God's sweetness will
cause his soul to shine with light.
Then shall we lead him forth in garments of radiance,
robed as a king.
And he shall return to his tribe as a prophet,
to tell them of his vision.
And to teach them the Truth of God.


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