Travel in the Spiritual Worlds
A Dynamic Method of Breaking out of Uninteresting States
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One method of meditation usable in spiritual travel is the practice I call "skipping". This involves shifting (or skipping through) environments during spiritual travel. This method of meditation is quite dynamic and is possible because in the psychic areas, thoughts have much more power than they do while in a normal waking state when the physical senses and body consciousness seems to weigh them down (this is why it is important not to think negative thoughts while in an out-of-body state).

When "skipping", the traveler can literally jump from one space or world to the next. The experience is much like tuning in a station on the radio. The person symbolically moves the tuning dial (some symbolic action like a nod of the head or shutting and opening the eyes will do) with the intention of changing states (stations). The traveler must have associated the symbolic act with the expectation of movement earlier and be prepared to use it.

When the act is performed, there is static or noise (a intermediary state of formlessness and disorder) for a second or two as the transition takes place. Then the traveler "lands" on a new station (i.e. in a new environment).

The next step is to direct the movement toward some desired state or place. This requires discipline, patience, and practice. However, this method can be used to skip out of an uninteresting dream environment to some place more interesting and spiritual even if the traveler is unable to pick the destination.


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