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I woke up in a dream, and looked around trying to decide what to do next. I was in a dimly lit room and the environment had little to interest me. I decided to try to experiment with the "matter" in the environment.

I walked over to a plaster wall and pushed against it knowing it was not physical, and was therefore subject to unusual behavior. As I pushed, my hands and then arms penetrated the wall followed by the rest of my body. I was standing inside the wall, my body merging with the "material" structure of it. There was a slowness and heaviness to movement while merged with this object similar to being under water but offering more resistance. It was a curious and surprisingly energetic sensation as if my atoms and the wall's were buzzing around and energizing one another. The altered state of consciousness was a pleasant and novel experience which I perceived as a form of expanded consciousness.

For those who are a little less daring, these travelers can experiment with putting a hand or arm into the wall to get a feel for both the buzzing energetic quality of the sensation and the plastic nature of the dream's material form.

Entering fully into the wall is one way to erase one's dream body which is something sometimes done in dream yoga as a step towards freeing oneself from the limitations of the dream state.

This kind of experience is a small example of the kinds of education that occur as the traveler encounters new realities in the inner worlds.


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